Thursday, February 4, 2010

Circa 1985...

New York City can sometimes be quite lonely when it's cold ...woke up this morning and peeked outside, the snow from a day ago is like a peaceful blanket of serenity. Yet, there's not a single day, snow, rain or shine that I don't think about my grandfather... My grandpa was a man of a simply palate, he knew what he liked and he strayed away from unfamiliar foods, but he was always watching for new places around the neighborhood for good deals. All the foods he would loved came with a rational reasoning behind each taste, he enjoyed the small perks of the ton-katsu place around the corner that came with refillable shredded lettuce, or the nigiri/sashimi place that had oden soup you can ask for on the side. There were so many thing about him that I admire and loved...simplicity was his life...and he was so good at it.

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