Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Goodness of Street Food Heaven & Brunch

I'd learned how to make delicious traditional garnachas yesterday from a friendly neighbor after locking myself out of my apartment in 30 degree weather...We made over 150 small tortilla cups filled with 100% grass-fed beef, topped with homemade salsa from the beef broth which was then lightly sprinkled with grated cotija cheese and picked pineapple cabbage. Needless to was 110% mouthwatering, street-food, crunchy fried goodness.

(left image: garnachas in the midst of frying)

I've come to realize that my favorite part of the weekend in NYC is the sleeping in til' 1pm, then straight to brunch on a sunny yet freezing day with great company... such great 'non waiting for a table' luck at Cafe d'Alsace (UES) and fulfilling lunch.

(right image: mushroom omelette with comte cheese and a side of single country pork sausage)

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